Payment and delivery

Delivery order. How to get the ordered goods?

Courier delivery (in Kharkov)

1. Order the goods you need using our website (or by contacting us by phone).
2. Indicate the delivery method “Courier delivery” when placing an order and choosing a delivery method.
3. Determine the place and date of courier delivery when coordinating the order by phone with the manager.
4. Specify the delivery time with our courier, who will contact you directly on the delivery day.
5. Upon delivery, check the quality of the goods on the spot.

The delivery cost in Kharkiv is 65 UAH. Do not forget to stock up on the necessary amount to pay for the goods if you pay in cash to the courier. Make sure, that you have all the required documents.
If you pay for the ordered goods by the bank card, you will need to have an identity document of the recipient of the goods (passport, driver’s license) for presentation to the courier.
Delivery using the service of  “Nova Poshta” (in Ukraine)
Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by the Nova Poshta delivery service and is paid for in accordance with the tariffs of the Nova Poshta delivery service. Delivery order is determined by the corresponding delivery order of the Nova Poshta delivery service.

Free shipping

Delivery of accessories for mobile phones and tablets in Ukraine for FREE through Nova Poshta and  Ukrposhta is carried out if the total amount of the order exceeds 750 UAH.

Payment order
Payment for the order is carried out either directly upon delivery in cash to the courier (for Kharkiv) or the operator of the Nova Poshta delivery service (outside Kharkiv), or by means of a money transfer to the card through the Privat24 application / cashless payment of the invoice after placing the order, upon self-picking of goods from the store can be paid in cash.